Marcelo $40
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I came to Buenos Aires to find a job. And the first time I went to the centre, I got lost. I prayed for my mum to help me and for my brother, to show me the way. I cried, asked people for some coins, to help me so I could take a train. The people here they are not like where I come from. I started walking, walking, walking, I kept walking but could not find the way. I prayed for my mother, my brother, to ask if they could help me. And most of all I prayed for my saint, Leoncito Gil. I ended up in a very poor neighbourhood called Sapito. Thank God there were some people from Reconquista, who took me to, it would become my house, right where we’re standing. I couldn’t walk anymore, I got off the train and couldn’t walk and I came home. The next day I definitely couldn’t walk. Well, I miss my daughter a lot, my son, my family. I think a lot about them, every time I’m on my own I start crying. But I want them to stay there, I came to Buenos Aires because the situation is very bad over there. Every time ...

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