German Alarm-Clock $50
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Every day around 10 o’clock the platform is taken over by the cartoneros with their carts, trolleys and bags. The people who are waiting for the next ‘passenger train’ are staring at them a bit frightened. Their territory is temporary occupied. Will it also be their future?
The Tren Blanco is arriving, a complete wreck, without doors, windows or electricity. The cartoneros manoeuvre their vehicles into the train with a noisy racket. The waiting passengers have already left the platform.
Over and over again it becomes more difficult to find a place in that train. Over and over again there are more cartoneros on the platform. Hanging out of the windows they greet each other screaming. Young boys are playing, are running after each other. The train starts to move and the cartoneros who are still on the platform jump into it.
The travellers return to the platform to wait for the next ‘passengers train’.

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