Bracelet $15
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"Why do you talk so funny," she asks me. "He is not from here," Lorena tells her. "Oh, you’re from Brazil!" She is a boy with a short skirt, high shoes and tits, a boy who is like a girl. Lorena uses to describe her like this. She never uses the real word for it. But like many travesties she has gone down into poverty. It’s not the most beautiful version I have seen. She has short hair, till her shoulders with a hairpin on one side. She is not really skinny and has a fat neck. She tries to compensate these things with an over attention for her tits and legs. All the people who pass by on the platform turn around to have a better look at her. Certainly they have never seen this kind of cartonero. You can see their amazement in their faces. It seems not very easy to be a cartonero-travestite. She has a small, a very small trolley. And it’s not very filled. There was not that much to collect today. The income is becoming less and less and every day again there are some new cartoneros, just with a bag on their shoulders.

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