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They don’t talk about politics. "I don’t understand it at all," I usually hear. But probably they are beaten up by reality. Beaten up by all the beautiful stories. Beaten up by the fear to talk loudly. Still there is the feeling that talking loudly could have a bad ending. To survive you don’t talk politics in a surrounding that is completely political. You undergo silently the changes.
Everyone would like to sue the cartoneros for their interests. There will be elections soon and they are a beautiful social showpiece. The city is doing his best to appease them, a bit of milk, a sandwich.
Cartoneros are hot; television crews from Japan come to film them in the Tren Blanco. They perfectly satisfy the need for social documentaries.
And every time they had been on the television the paper price dropped down another time. I don’t understand the connection. "In the beginning I also didn’t understand it," says Fidel. "But after it happened four times, then you have the connection."

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