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We sit down next to a big bag and open the small bags that are in it. Teresa is asking for carton in shops and kiosks a bit further. She doesn’t like to cirujear, to root in a bag.
I find a small cup of yoghurt. "How many days ago did that expire," asks Fidel. It’s unclear for me, I can not find a date. Fidel smells the yoghurt and puts it back.
I have to think about the man who everyday is searching for food in the containers in front of my supermarket. His criteria are definitely a bit lower. The man roots in the container and fills his small plastic bags. The leftovers stick on his arm till his elbows. It’s very difficult to look at it when I pass by.
"What did you eat today," Fidel asks me. "Soup," I answer him. "Vegetable soup." "I often eat vegetable soup as well, but with a little of milk. All the vitamins are in such soup, all you need. In Paraguay it’s quite normal to make such soup. But here, it’s meat and meat. Too expensive."

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