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Waiting for the Tren Blanco, Fidel asks me about women. He is surprised when I tell him that I have only one girlfriend in Buenos Aires. "At a certain moment I had four ones here and one in Paraguay," he tells me proudly. "I also have three houses. One here, self-made and two in Paraguay." "You are rich," I joke, and he smiles. "Is your house made out of stone," I ask.
He lives in a house with two ‘rooms’ in Villa Libertador. His walls are made out of wood, his roof of metal sheets. And there is a bathroom but no streaming water. Their neighbours on the other side of the road have it, a hoop of ray. There isn’t enough pressure and it takes three hours to fill the small plastic swimming pool for their daughter.
"This year we don’t go to my house in Paraguay," says Fidel. "A pity, I would have liked to see my son once again. But it is also not that bad, if we leave our house in Libertador for two weeks it will be robbed out, for sure."

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