Round Cards $30
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We drink litres of beer, smoke cigarettes and play Truco. A card game I don’t understand at all. Slowly it becomes dark in Villa Libertador.
Fidel gets drunker every hour. He is nearly unapproachable and absorbed in his game. The others sign me to come. It’s rare that somebody from outside comes here, especially a foreigner.
They directly start to talk about their neighbourhood. "It was empty here five years ago, campo, grazing-land. We came here because we don’t have to pay rent," says a boy in a Valencia shirt. He has already two daughters who are running around in the mud. "We made our houses ourselves, laid in water and put in electricity and cable television. We still don’t pay for it, but that can be end at any moment." Especially the cable television surprises me. I would pay 300 pesos just for a connection. "For me this television is really important," he says. "I never go to the city, I work around the corner. But at least I know what is going on elsewhere."

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