Kind of Turtle $20
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Gustavo calls me; his sister Nelly has found a bag for me, a bag full of toys.
I am at Belgrano R station. This is a rich area with spoilt kids. The garbage is definitely different.
Nelly turns on the bag. If she had 10 children, toys she would have enough. We select some out of it; it takes a while. A plastic robot, a baby toy, a brown object and a kind of frog.
"Why do you work here and not in Belgrano," I ask Fidel later at Urquiza station. "It’s more difficult to work there. People don’t like seeing us grabbing in their garbage. The police make more problems because of that, they ask for money sometimes," is the answer. "They ask us 50 pesos a month." "No, once in two months," says somebody else.
It doesn’t become that clear for me how this construction is precisely. Maybe there is no clear pattern. But in any case, there are less cartoneros in Belgrano, in that rich neighbourhood with that beautiful trash.

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