Just Pornography $35
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I am talking with Lorena on the platform when Gustavo comes to me with a girl next to him. "Hee, he found something beautiful for you," she says smiling. I had told Gustavo that I don’t like fancy transvestites.
The girl stands in front of me and starts looking straight into my eyes. I feel a bit uncomfortable. "She is already 10 years old," says Gustavo. "But I am not a ‘viejo verde’," I tell him.
"But I am already 12 years," she corrects, still looking in my eyes.
She has heard that I am looking for magazines and she has a porn magazine. "Black males with dicks of even 40 centimetres long." " She shows the seize with her hands. You would like to have them in your ass, wouldn’t you?" says Gustavo to her.
I start to feel more and more uncomfortable with such a thing of 12 years in front of me. I hear the Tren Blanco coming, lucky chance; everybody is running to their carts.

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