Pesos and Australes $30
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It’s a story that repeats itself everyday. Everyday these new faces appear. Armed with a plastic bag on their shoulder they drag through the neighbourhood. The ones who are working already for a week push forward a trolley or other self-made vehicle. They are not from Suárez, that are the ones with the real carts, big and balanced, light and easy to move on. A cart with car wheels, 100 pesos worth. During one day these professionals collect paper with a value of 10, maybe 15 pesos. The others collect the rests. Their trolleys are not even half filled on their way back home. Their faces look depressed. Some cartoneros come with their whole family, with their children or babies. The small ones swarm with their small bags around the big cart that collects everything.
"When do you join us again?" ask Hector. Yesterday I went with him and his girlfriend collecting, cirujeando. "With you I have been always very lucky," he says.

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