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Carlito is playing Truco. Normally when I come he begs for a peso, 20 centavos or a chewing gum. But when they play Truco there is no attention for another thing. He is young; I guess 14, maybe 15 years old. Probably there will be no more education for him.
I go to the other end of the Belgrano R platform to find Lorena. The weird man is there again; he buys used ink cartridges. Definitely he doesn’t like me; I am an intruder, a danger for his trade. The cartoneros give him a bag they think it’s for him. He puts his hand in the bag and takes out a dildo. He looks surprised, thinks the cartoneros are joking with him. The boys double up with laughter. The dildos were meant for me, the ones Lorena found the first day she was cirujeando. The boys start to play with them and the passers-by accelerate their steps. The 12 years old cartonera comes and takes directly the biggest dildo there is and puts him in front of her mouth. "Hmmm," she says panting.

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