Pistol $20
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He draws a pistol. I am shocked, like the other cartoneros around me. Carlito laughs loudly; " It’s a plastic one."
The other cartoneros don’t laugh at all. Everywhere there are policemen on the station with bullet-shot proof jackets and their hand on their pistol. Such a policeman had an education of three months. Enough to be able to shoot, but too short to judge a funny situation. There has never been a problem for them to shoot first and ask after that what is going on. There are many guns in circulation and every person from Suárez is a possible criminal.
Over there, in Suárez, the police like to shoot even quicker. Especially behind the Villa, at the trash belt where the big supermarkets dump products which can’t be sold.
People from the Villa try to collect them but the police use their bullets to keep them on a distance. They are the ones who collect it, to sale it later in the Villa.

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