Coca-Cola Bottle $15
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It’s Dia de la Madre today, Sunday. The shops are closed and the families are drinking and eating inside. It’s an awful day. There is drizzle and wind, a lot of wind.
It didn’t seem to be that cold when I left my house. Within an hour I realised I have chosen the wrong clothes. My coat is completely soaked and the wind freezes me enormously.
Teresa and Fidel are dressed in yellow waterproof rain jackets and rubber boots. Again I am impressed by the way they prepare themselves. Not dressed as these poor fellows who are shivering in the shop doorways. It’s the difference between the ones with and the ones without experience.
There is not that much to find on the street. The lunch is in any case over because what we find are bottles and more bottles. The cart is filled, heavy and jingles.
"Well, it’s something," says Fidel. "4 centavos for a kilo and you still have to smash it into pieces."

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