Brown Plastic Object $35
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I sent Teresa to a dentist to pull out her rotten back-teeth. The tooth was broken after eating a hard old cookie given by one of the charities people that pass by.
"It’s doing better right now," she says. Her jaw is definitely not that swollen any more. They treated her with an injection and put something in the tooth. In a week they will pull it out, they told her. "There is just one problem. I feel so cold," she says and let me touch her hand.
I go with them in the Tren Blanco to Suárez. After we got out of that chaos we drink a beer at the kiosk. The cartoneros who are still coming out of the train pass by. The stream of carts doesn’t end. "In a week there will be a third train," says Fidel.
After a quarter of an hour the stream of carts ends. Teresa becomes more and more cold. The treatment, the medicines have a bad reaction. "Sleep a lot," I advice. "No," says Fidel. "It isn’t the tiredness. It’s the empty stomach. We haven’t eaten for two days."

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