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Gabi helps José reading the proposal I wrote. His eyes start shining, he has a lot of objects in his house and he smells the money. He is really not that clever. The next day he arrives with a bag full of trash on the station. Fidel looks at it and starts laughing, he will not stop. I choose four objects and José is clearly disappointed. He doesn’t understand the way I select, doesn’t understand why his objects are useless.
I write with people in the Netherlands everyday. I tell them about the situation here, the hunger and the poverty that grows and grows. I tell them about the weekend house of the family of my girlfriend. How they broke in and robbed things like used toothbrushes, pillows, shampoo and things from the fridge. Again and again I am surprised by their reaction, their resignation. Important things happen in the Netherlands, certainly. They are busy, very busy like usual. How can I let them understand something like hunger?

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