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A car passes by, a beautiful shining one. "Beautiful," I say. "Stolen," they say. "Everything that’s beautiful in Villa Libertador is stolen." I don’t know their names. They call each other by the area where they come from, Jujuy, Salta, Misiones and sometimes from Bolivia or Paraguay. Today I haven’t heard the name Fidel when they asked Paraguayo something. He has built up a special reputation in his neighbourhood. He is drunk on Saturdays and he likes women. Teresa comes from time to time with her daughter in her arms, watching, checking. It’s a classic image; it’s the first time I hear her talking in a tough way. "Don’t you see that I am playing cards," he snarls at her when she passes by for the third time. It starts to rain and I decide to go home. I shake hands with Jujuy and Bolivia. "Bring him to the bus stop," Bolivia demands Fidel.
He is walking drunk next to me. It doesn’t go that quick. Fidel says good-bye, there where the pavement starts and Villa Libertador ends.

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