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Belgrano is more a neighbourhood of youngsters. The young cartoneros I mean. There are just a few old ones with trolleys and there live mainly old rich people. There are not that many cartoneros here. That’s strange as it is one of the richest areas of the city, an area of the traditional rich.
There is money here. You directly notice it when you see the objects in the trash. Beautiful things, not that broken like in Urquiza. Nice toys, lots of them.
Here live the people who used to have a European way of living, a British style to be precise. There are British bookstores, boutiques with big brands, shops with delicate food from all over the world. The difference between the people in this neighbourhood is who has a bank account abroad and who hasn’t.
There are beautiful avenues with big trees. In the trash we find wine bottles with beautiful labels and empanadas, only touched with one bite. "They look a bit dirty now, but when you warm them up they are delicious," says Gustavo to me.

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